Swords and Spaceships

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A Sci-Fi tabletop RPG emphasizing character and gear customization over leveling and looting.
  • Funding Breakdown
  • Goal $8,700.00
  • Total Pledged $1,331.00
  • Backers 28
  • Pledge Rewards $1,330.00
  • Addons & Shipping $1.00
  • Avg. per Backer $47.54
  • Rank 10645 of 14392
  • Rewards
  • Reward Levels 15
  • Lowest Level $1.00
  • Highest Level $8,700.00
  • Most Popular
    Pledge $25.00 or more
    10 backers
    Get your copy of the Digital Rulebook as well as a being listed as a backer in the book itself. Includes Previous tier.

  • Pledge $1.00 or more
    0 backers
    No Reward
    Pledge $1.00 or more
    5 backers
    Thank you for your interest! This tier gets you notice of all our campaign updates and our appreciation.
    Pledge $10.00 or more
    0 backers
    We will send you four pieces of art digitally to enjoy!
    Pledge $25.00 or more
    10 backers
    Get your copy of the Digital Rulebook as well as a being listed as a backer in the book itself. Includes Previous tier.
    Pledge $35.00 or more
    0 backers
    Get previous reward tiers as well as a collection of digital tokens perfect for Roll20
    Pledge $45.00 or more
    0 backers
    Get a PDF to print and laminate your own character book
    Pledge $55.00 or more
    0 backers
    For the art lovers, get a physical piece to hang on your wall sized 24x36. Your art will be randomly selected from a small batch. Additionally you will have a copy of the Digital Art Book (length not determined).
    Pledge $65.00 or more
    5 backers
    Get a physical copy of the rulebook as well as the very, uh, special gift of torturing the devs! That's right. We will hand draw tokens perfect for using with Roll20 or printing out at home. We make no promises as to artistic talent. Wall art not included.
    Pledge $100.00 or more
    6 backers
    Includes all our physical goods and digital goods listed to this point. Includes the wall art unlike the Physical Book tier.
    Pledge $150.00 or more
    1 backers
    You get the same rewards as The Physical Collection but a special cover art variant depicting a piece of in-lore propaganda encouraging adventure among the stars.
    Pledge $200.00 or more
    0 of 10 backers
    Grab yourself and up to four friends to play a one shot run by one of the co-developers of the game over Discord and Roll20!
    Pledge $400.00 or more
    0 of 10 backers
    Get a special copy of the physical rulebook with an alternate cover featuring the propaganda art. Additionally you will get to work with the us the devs to design a character or ship to exist within our lore! When we reach out it will be your choice what you want to do. These will be specifically named things you want to see exist! Includes previous rewards. Shipping not included.
    Pledge $600.00 or more
    0 of 2 backers
    Work with the developers to create a unique story for players to run through! Ideas subject to approval but we will work with you to make something hopefully great. You will be credited as an author of the story path along with us, though rights will stay with Red Plate Entertainment. You want a story about flying whales? Sure! A story about seedy intelegent back ally cats plotting to take over the world? Works for us! Let's get it done. Includes previous rewards.
    Pledge $1,000.00 or more
    0 of 1 backers
    This reward tier will help to shape the game going onward as you help us design a brand new playable race! You want a beastly half goat type? Cool! A literal bird who can somehow strap a gun to it's back? It'll be tricky but why not. We'll work together to pull off something we can all agree to. You'll also get previous reward tiers that do not include designs/the creative tiers. Race will be introduced as part of the next expansion but will be made available on our official Discord for all to see prior to that expansion.
    Pledge $2,000.00 or more
    0 of 2 backers
    You are a special kind of angel who really wants to see things gets done. Get Executive Producer credit early in the book. Your support is a key reason why this is possible. Thank you so much! Additionally, choose between making a new Race, working on a one shot, or adding both a character and ship to the lore.
    Pledge $8,700.00 or more
    0 of 3 backers
    You alone have made this possible. Thank you completely! Along with all the non-creative rewards you get to design a page subject to approval. It can be a drawing, a picture, a letter to your loved one, or even just your name centered with “Super Backer” across the top so everyone knows of your greatness.

Historical Data

Date Backers Pledged Comments Updates
Oct 18 0 $0.00 0 0
Oct 19 11 $558.00 0 1
Oct 21 17 $815.00 0 1
Oct 22 17 $815.00 0 2
Oct 23 18 $840.00 0 2
Oct 25 17 $815.00 0 2
Oct 27 17 $815.00 0 2
Oct 30 18 $880.00 0 2
Nov 1 18 $880.00 0 2
Nov 2 18 $880.00 0 2
Nov 7 20 $930.00 0 3
Nov 11 27 $1,330.00 0 3
Nov 12 28 $1,331.00 0 4
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