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A fun, fast paced, easily produced and customized tile alignment game, with an epic meta-player role to challenge player co-operation!
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    THIS LEVEL OF PLEDGE RECEIVES AN EMAIL CONTAINING: ~Prototype Photographs of a few variant early pre-release editions and the inventor. ~Personal thank you notation from I the inventor/creator of 'Soul-O-Tiles'. ~Original Audio Environments (aka: music) by myself to inspire good gaming.
    Pledge $10.00 or more
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    A digital copy of the full Rule Book for 'Soul-O-Tiles' contained in an e-mail of personal thanks, with which will be included written digital permission for you to print one hard copy of the rules and create a single set of 'Soul-O-Tiles' board and game pieces for personal use only. Also a secondary e-mail can be requested with original music (also by the inventor) to be provided to add ambiance for the gaming experience.
    Pledge $25.00 or more
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    This patron level will get a signed and dated hard copy of the Rules for 'Soul-O-Tiles', which will include hand written personal thanks and permission for family/personal recreation of a game board and pieces for the patron for non-commercial use. Also the envelope would include a unique 'flipping token' (a needed game piece) marked/detailed by the inventors personal symbol. Free original digital music (also by the inventor) will also be made available upon request at this pledge level, via e-mail, to expand the audio/visual experience of the game.
    Pledge $100.00 or more
    0 of 50 backers
    Your own signed copy of a 'pre-release' version of 'Soul-O-Tiles', of the inventors own design and material selection. The game set will be signed/etched/burned with the inventors/makers signature, and will include a certificate of authenticity. Free original music (also by the inventor) will be available by request through e-mail at this pledge level, to further create an audio/visual experience while playing.
    Pledge $500.00 or more
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    At this level get a say in your own 'pre-release' edition of 'Soul-O-Tiles'! The creator/inventor will personally consult with you and create/attain unique pieces, and build/acquire a suitable game board to combine into an entirely unique one-of-a-kind variant of the tabletop version of 'Soul-O-Tiles'...examples of variants created so far have been facet cut glass gems on tile, J.R.R. Tolkiens Middle Earth themed rings on burned leather, and organic components (shells, stones, wood,etc) on a flexible outdoors board. Anything you like (within limits of sane budgets and precious stones/metals or illegal/dangerous items will be available). The edition will be well packaged, signed and certificated by the inventor/maker. Also if requested a personal note of thanks and even a bardic poem will be included to add epic value to your personal contributions. Free original music ALSO by the inventor will be provided (upon request only) by e-mail for a full audio-visual experience.
    Pledge $7,500.00 or more
    0 of 2 backers
    To celebrate the official release of the game (and upon commencement of actual commercial production) the lucky person(s) to pledge this level will receive not only a fully customized signed edition of 'Soul-O-Tiles' (handcrafted by the inventor in semi-precious stones and metals with your consultation), but will ALSO be guaranteed a fully paid weekend vacation for two to Kimberley B.C. (personally customized to our best abilities to hobbies and interests, lifestyle choice and dietary preferences). Ski in our epic winter or explore our warm, intriguing summer, or just find great food, music and culture all year around. Included would be accommodations for two people for two nights, meals for two people three times a day, a guided tour of interests of your choosing, a small local 'Soul-O-Tiles' competition at a venue of our choosing, and of course some unique swag and one-of-a-kind gifts to accompany an eternities bragging rights about your brilliant preeminence as a gamer and patron.

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Oct 15 0 $0.00 0 0
Oct 16 3 $3.00 2 0
Oct 17 3 $3.00 2 0
Oct 19 4 $4.00 4 0
Oct 21 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 22 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 23 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 24 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 26 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 28 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 30 3 $3.00 4 0
Oct 31 3 $3.00 4 0
Nov 2 3 $3.00 4 0
Nov 3 3 $3.00 4 0
Nov 10 3 $3.00 6 0
Nov 13 3 $3.00 6 0
Nov 15 3 $3.00 6 0
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