Sanctuary: Home Away From Home (Canceled)

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Sanctuary is a small town game store in a remote area that offers a more community oriented experience.
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    Grab yourself our full merch bundle at a steal! Both of our Playmats All three of our shirts.

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    Not all heroes wear capes and not all kings have treasuries, but every dollar counts
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    Send us something that represents you! We will be handmaking our new RPG tables and atop them will be every item sent to us in this manner. We will then be lacquering all of said items to the table. A demonstration of the kindness, thoughtfullness, and uniquity of our community-Local and Abroad. Whether it be your favorite magic card signed by you-The character sheet of a beloved character- Or picture of your handsome and or beautiful self! Anything will do-as long as its flat, that is. For those even far away, we hope to take you with us on every adventure-even if it is just in spirit. Sorry for those who do not make it, we only have so much room per table, and I want to make sure everyone who donated is well represented. Thank you for your kindness.
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    The winner of the raffle gets a prize from a collection of Warhammer, Magic, and Dungeons & Dragons products. A portion of the sweepstakes' proceeds will go towards the building.
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    A shirt with Trey's redesign of our logo, the Tree of Life. The design may be simplistic, but it harks back to the early concept days of Sanctuary when it was just a picture of a tree on a piece of paper.
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    This is a very special design given to us by friend of the store, and local councilman, Tre' Von Cooper. It was inspired by the robbery that resulted in our closing. It has become a slogan in the extended gaming community. Show your support, and stand with us. For every kid who struggled to fit in, or the parent wanting a safe place for their children to be children.
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    Something you will find all of our customers agree on(A rare experience in a hobby shop), Is that it is a home away from home for most. For others, they wouldn't rather be anywhere but here. That was the inspiration for the design, we hope you like it!
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    This is the first playmat we designed for our local players.
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    This design is a more High fantasy depiction of our store, through the eyes of my customer's and myself. I hope you enjoy it!
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    Outside of our game store, a decorative brick wall will stand. On Every piece of brick we hope to have the names of those who supported us. Send us your signature-name-or whatever you would like put onto the brick and we will have it laser engraved. (No profanity, please)
    Pledge $55.00 or more
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    This Pledge will get you: 1x Copy of "Silent Guardian" playmat 1x Copy of "Hidden grove" Playmat These are our first designed bundled together at a discount for those who collect mats!
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    This will give you our full range of shirts that we currently offer, all bundled into one package! 1x "Home is Where the Hearth is" T-Shirt 1x "Sanctuary: Original Tee" 1x "I Stand with Sanctuary" T-Shirt Each of which have unique stories and inspirations. Enjoy!
    Pledge $110.00 or more
    4 of 200 backers
    Grab yourself our full merch bundle at a steal! Both of our Playmats All three of our shirts.
    Pledge $1,000.00 or more
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    Become the honorary Dungeon Master for one of our two RPG rooms. We will have a plaque designed, with your likeness and name posted on the door! Gamers for years to come will know of your generosity and contribution to our community

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