Reusable 5e Character Booklets (And Other Things)

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Character Booklets where all the pages are coated to be wet/dry erase markers. Also Campaign Journals (uncoated), Stickers, & Artwork.
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    A single copy of the 7x5.25 inch, 16 page (+ Cover) DnD 5e Character Journal. (Works with Dry/Wet Erase Markers)

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    PDF printable copies of a standard (8.5x11 // A4) sized layout for the sheets. You'll have download access to both the full color design similar to the booklets as well as the black and white minimalist versions of the following. Character Sheet (Bio and Stats) Inventory (Full General) Important Info (Spells, Feats, Items, Treasures) Campaign Notes (Adventure League friendly) Will be made available The moment the campaign ends.
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    A single copy of the 7x5.25 inch, 16 page (+ Cover) DnD 5e Character Journal. (Works with Dry/Wet Erase Markers)
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    A single copy of the 7x5.25 inch, 44 page (+ Cover) Campaign Notebooklet. (With Adventurers League Friendly Session Note Pages!) Don't just take notes. Record your story. The pages are all uncoated to allow for pencil or pen recording.
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    By popular demand. An option to just get multiple character booklets at a slight discount.
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    It's dangerous to go it alone. Take these. Nothing too fancy here. Just one of each booklet.
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    Got some friends you plan to adventure with? Get three pairs of each. Save $10 per duo. (Unless you're the rogue of the party... then you save $30 and the other two rubes can pay full price)
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    You get both booklets and an 5x7 custom illustration made of your character as well as an adhesive print of the artwork to replace your booklet cover with. (It might take a little extra time because of the custom art creation.)
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    Just a nice and simple bulk discount. 5 character booklets. 15 campaign booklets. Buy as a team. Save as a team.
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    So all that stuff you get from the Guild HO! Pack...This is like that. With art. 8x10 custom illustration piece. Up to 5 subjects included in the group shot. Then prints for everyone! Game in style and represent your squad. We'll need a little extra time obviously. But it's worth it.
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    Are you the type of DM who invests in setting the world stage for your players at a level of immersion they will enthrall in? Then this is for you. Obviously you get a bunch of Character Booklets and tons of Campagin journals. Then here's the good stuff. A 10 x 14 original watercolor and ink art piece to capture the vibe of the world. Five 5 x 7 Original watercolor and ink Character Portraits. Prints for all. And Unique to this tier... Six Handmade Traveler wraps (available in black, brown, or red) with the 10 x 14 artwork displayed inside each wrap. A unique and classy way to carry your adventures in. (Yes Six, One for the DM)

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