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The first boardgaming cafe for all ages in Boise! Full menu with beer/wine/cider and snacks for your ultimate game night
  • Game Info
  • Minimum 2 Players
  • Maximum 6 Players
  • BGG Entry
  • BGG Hotness Best Rank 5
  • Days on BGG Hotness 8
  • Game info courtesy of Board Game Geek
  • Funding Breakdown
  • Goal $6,000.00
  • Total Pledged $12,965.42
  • Backers 132
  • Pledge Rewards $8,270.00
  • Addons & Shipping $4,695.42
  • Avg. per Backer $98.22
  • Rank 4457 of 14035
  • Rewards
  • Reward Levels 13
  • Lowest Level $5.00
  • Highest Level $1,000.00
  • Most Popular
    Pledge $15.00 or more
    25 backers
    Your first visit to Room and Boards is free, including unlimited library usage and a drink of your choice (age appropriate, naturally) If you're not going to be in Boise anytime in the near future, can be gifted to someone in your name.

  • Pledge $1.00 or more
    0 backers
    No Reward
    Pledge $5.00 or more
    16 backers
    Backers at this level will receive a hand-written postcard as a token of thanks, and commemoration on the backers page on the Room and Boards website.
    Pledge $15.00 or more
    25 backers
    Your first visit to Room and Boards is free, including unlimited library usage and a drink of your choice (age appropriate, naturally) If you're not going to be in Boise anytime in the near future, can be gifted to someone in your name.
    Pledge $40.00 or more
    14 backers
    Choose from one of the following Room and Boards Merchandise: - 1 coffee mug (with Room and Boards logo) - 1 pint glass (with Room and Boards logo) - 1 dice bag (with colors matching the dice of the cafe) - 1 t-shirt (with Room and Boards logo) and all previous rewards
    Pledge $50.00 or more
    17 of 500 backers
    Sponsor a game in the library, with a placard displaying your name or organization you want to represent. Also includes a free first visit, an item from the Small Bag of Loot!, and your name on our Wall of Thanks!
    Pledge $60.00 or more
    3 backers
    Unlimited access to the game library for 6 months (drinks and snacks not included) and can bring 1 guest for free once per month! (also, memberships can be gifted if you're not local)
    Pledge $75.00 or more
    12 of 12 backers
    You'll receive the coffee mug, pint glass, and bag of dice, a handwritten thank you postcard, as well as a 6 month membership, your name on our Wall of Thanks; but also, you'll get to sponsor a table with your name or organization!
    Pledge $75.00 or more
    6 backers
    By request, a membership for 6 months for Room and Boards for a family of 4 (if there are more family members, let us know and we will work this out) This includes the family membership, and all the pledges prior to this point; if you are wanting a higher pledge but including the family membership, send us a message and we will gladly ensure that's provided.
    Pledge $125.00 or more
    6 of 100 backers
    All the previous rewards, plus a mystery big box game! During the pledge manager, we'll ask what kind of games you already like to ensure you get one best suited to you; also will have a copy of the same game in the library dedicated to you.
    Pledge $175.00 or more
    7 backers
    In addition to the 6 month subscription, and the other loot items, you'll get them all in a Room and Boards branded GeekOn gaming bag (your color choice) We've partnered with GeekOn to act as a reseller for the bags in the cafe, and for this Kickstarter we'll be offering them at a discounted rate as a thank you for supporting the cafe! This reward will take a little extra time with delivery, but well worth it!
    Pledge $300.00 or more
    0 of 5 backers
    Limited pledge, host your own private event at Room and Boards, including food, drinks, and games of your choice. 4 hour block, will need to be scheduled in advance to ensure full availability. Cafe can house 60 people max, the only limitation in terms of seating. Full compliance with beverage service will be enforced (no alcohol to minors) will include a small gift bag for all attendees, a 6 month regular or family membership for the host!
    Pledge $350.00 or more
    4 of 50 backers
    For those who wish to be true patrons of the cafe, we are offering this pledge level with sponsoring a game (and a table if requested, with a name or organization on a plaque commemorating the sponsorship), the gaming bag (stuff filled with a collection of mystery games!) all the loot items, 6 month membership, and our eternal gratitude!
    Pledge $500.00 or more
    1 of 25 backers
    Celebrate the opening of Room and Boards with a private gathering of benefactors and sponsors, where every attendee will receive a gift bag at the door (featuring 1 large and 1 small box game, all the loot items, surprise gifts, and the gaming bag with the 5 games inside) and food and drink at the event. This pledge allows entry for the pledge-giver and 2 guests. This is a local only pledge (or if willing to come to beautiful Boise for the night!)
    Pledge $1,000.00 or more
    1 of 10 backers
    For the discerning patron, this will entitle you to a private party (at a date of your choosing) for you and up to 10 guests, including food, beverage and curated gaming for the whole event (to be decided prior) at the cafe. This also includes gaming bag (with 5 mystery games), entry to the private gathering for all patrons with the gift bag, all the loot items, 6 month membership, and the eternal gratitude of the owners of Room and Boards, and your sponsorship commemorated in a manner in which you prefer (a table, a shelf named after you, a painting, it's wholly up to you!)

Historical Data

Date Backers Pledged Comments Updates
May 28 0 $0.00 0 0
May 29 57 $4,155.00 10 1
May 30 94 $7,266.00 12 4
Jun 1 98 $7,372.00 12 4
Jun 2 98 $7,372.00 12 4
Jun 3 102 $11,512.00 12 4
Jun 4 103 $11,517.00 12 5
Jun 6 105 $11,550.00 13 5
Jun 7 105 $11,550.00 14 5
Jun 8 105 $11,550.00 17 5
Jun 9 106 $11,610.00 17 6
Jun 11 106 $11,610.00 17 6
Jun 12 108 $12,200.00 17 7
Jun 13 109 $12,220.00 17 7
Jun 14 110 $12,270.00 17 7
Jun 15 114 $12,455.00 17 8
Jun 16 121 $12,245.00 17 8
Jun 17 131 $12,915.00 17 9
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