TTRPG Achievement Badges

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Patches to help mark your achievements as a PC or DM in D&D 5e.
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  • Goal $4,000.00
  • Total Pledged $11,362.00
  • Backers 188
  • Pledge Rewards $9,555.00
  • Addons & Shipping $1,807.00
  • Avg. per Backer $60.44
  • Rank 4510 of 13296
  • Rewards
  • Reward Levels 8
  • Lowest Level $15.00
  • Highest Level $500.00
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    Pledge $40.00 or more
    52 backers
    You’ve got ‘em, but now you have to earn 'em!

  • Pledge $1.00 or more
    0 backers
    No Reward
    Pledge $15.00 or more
    33 backers
    Thank you for your support! We’ll send you the PDF with descriptions of all our beautiful badges, optional rules, and legendary stretch goals, even if you don’t gain any actual physical patches!
    Pledge $25.00 or more
    18 backers
    We totally earned those arts & crafts patches! Working with dry macaroni takes a lot of skill!
    Pledge $35.00 or more
    10 of 10 backers
    Whoa! So fast! Are you sure that’s not against regulations?! Please enjoy the patches at a discount!
    Pledge $40.00 or more
    52 backers
    You’ve got ‘em, but now you have to earn 'em!
    Pledge $60.00 or more
    48 backers
    UNLOCKED! Leave no badge behind! This backer level is just going to keep getting BETTER as we continue to reach our exciting Stretch Goals!
    Pledge $120.00 or more
    10 backers
    We feel if you are going to volunteer your time AND buy a bunch of patches for murderous burglars trampling all over your dreams... you should at least get a discount!
    Pledge $200.00 or more
    8 backers
    Rule them all! In addition to all lesser patches and ALL Legendary Stretch Goals, you've become the bearer of this ultra-rare and ridiculously cool patch which will ONLY ever be available to backers at this tier or higher!! (Imagine meeting another Scout, and knowing their joyless smile hides endless depths of jealousy!)
    Pledge $500.00 or more
    1 backers
    Wow. I mean. Wow. In addition to all lesser patches, and any Legendary Stretch Goals, you receive the Platinum Award Badge! Having this amazing Better-than-Gold Badge basically means Sam and Stephen owe you BIG TIME. We’ll run a game! Play a game! You can just WIN! Do you want a sash?! Take ours! We’ll buy pizza! Whatever! We don’t even know, but it’ll be great! We'll contact you after the Kickstarter to negotiate an appropriately amazing favor or service! (Just no wishing for more wishes, please!)

Historical Data

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May 7 20 $866.00 0 0
May 8 161 $9,688.00 11 3
May 9 176 $10,562.00 13 5
May 11 179 $10,633.00 13 5
May 12 180 $10,719.00 13 5
May 13 182 $10,965.00 14 5
May 14 184 $11,089.00 15 5
May 15 186 $11,366.00 16 5
May 17 187 $11,452.00 16 5
May 18 188 $11,362.00 16 5
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