Gods and Legends: A Game Where Gods Fight For Honor (Canceled)

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I have been working on and changing this card game for about 3 years now. Mythologically based, and is packed with God-like gameplay!
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    For your reward: Your choice between Greek, Egyptian, or Japanese. You will receive a limited edition of a God card of your chosen faction. Thank you so much for your contribution. Hope you continue to follow up on our progress and enjoy the game. Any feed would also be appreciated.
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    First... I would like to say thank you. Second, with this reward, you will receive a full 45 card prototype deck, a copy of the Gods and Legends rulebook, a Limited Edition God card of that same faction, and updates on cards soon to be released and rule changes (New UPDATED Rulebook).
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    You will receive pictures of the early phase of the game, including the rules. You will also receive a deck with the faction of your choosing (45 cards including 1 God and 4 Legends), a Signed Limited Edition God card (faction of your choosing), and a custom playmat made for Gods and Legends.

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