Adellos - First Edition, Tactical Board Game for 2-4 Players

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Adellos is a turn-based, fast-paced strategy board game. The goal is to survive and conquer the tiny piece of land you're fighting for.
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  • Goal 900,00 €
  • Total Pledged 1 969,00 €
  • Backers 52
  • Pledge Rewards 1 696,00 €
  • Addons & Shipping 273,00 €
  • Avg. per Backer 37,87 €
  • Rank 899 of 1339
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  • Reward Levels 11
  • Lowest Level 1,00 €
  • Highest Level 444,00 €
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    Pledge 1,00 € or more
    11 backers
    Thank you for showing your support. :) Even though, there is no reward for this pledge, you will receive all updates and insights of the project development.

  • Pledge 1,00 € or more
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    No Reward
    Pledge 1,00 € or more
    11 backers
    Thank you for showing your support. :) Even though, there is no reward for this pledge, you will receive all updates and insights of the project development.
    Pledge 7,00 € or more
    7 backers
    After the campaign concludes you'll recieve the first 5 stretch goals (if unlocked) and be invited to the survey where you can buy the other stretch goals seperately (if unlocked). This is mainly for all of you who already purchased Adellos before and want to get some extra goodies now.
    Pledge 30,00 € or more
    2 backers
    The most common suggestion on Adellos has been, that it could use an inlay. If you already own a game you can get one (from „The Game Doctors“) that fits perfectly and also you'll get the stretch goals with this perk! [Take care! Choosing this perk means, you ONLY get an inlay. You will not recieve a game. If you want a game + inlay + stretch goals, there is a different perk for that.]
    Pledge 35,00 € or more
    8 backers
    You get a copy of the game. It's that simple. Also you may receive the first 5 stretch goals, as long as they are unlocked.
    Pledge 36,00 € or more
    11 backers
    You'll get a signed copy of the game by the author, the designer and the developer. :) That's your exclusive reward for being early! If you want to get the inlay don't worry: You'll be able to select it in the survey after the campaign concludes.
    Pledge 60,00 € or more
    3 backers
    Get the "Deluxe Edition" of Adellos. That means, you'll get the game, the first 5 stretch goals [if unlocked] and also the fitting inlay.
    Pledge 90,00 € or more
    8 backers
    You'll receive a copy of the game, the inlay and ALL unlocked stretch goals except for the German Edition. This is very much the best version of the game, you can purchase! :) It's also cheaper than buying the stretch goals all by themselves.
    Pledge 111,00 € or more
    0 of 1 backers
    Oh yeah. You actually recieve the "Adellos - First Edition" prototype. It's the game I used to test the mechanics and balancing. What are you going to do with this? I don't know! You go figure it out...
    Pledge 222,00 € or more
    0 of 2 backers
    You want to be a noble? A leader of either the "Undead" or the "Clergy"? Well, you can! Choose this perk and we create a noble together with you. It might even have your face and name if you want so. This will then be in every future version of Adellos, including your game!
    Pledge 333,00 € or more
    0 of 1 backers
    You got a fancy Idea for unit? Well, we can create it. But it's gonna be the worst unit ever. Like, weak, you'll hate it. And it's even getting better, 'cause it can be created pretty much the way you want. You hate your Ex? Well than make them a unit in the Adellos-Universe, and kill 'em ingame! :D Oh, also that unit will then be a part of every game, including yours, of course.
    Pledge 444,00 € or more
    0 of 1 backers
    We will come to your door, with a pizza in hand and time to talk about whatever you are interested in. Meet the developer and the author and learn to hate us the way we hate each other. Just be aware that the developer will drink too much booze (and possibly insults you) and the author will touch everything you own (and possibly breaks something). You need to be at least 18 and live in Germany for that reward.

Historical Data

Date Backers Pledged Comments Updates
Mar 5 7 $90.00 0 0
Mar 6 23 $705.00 0 1
Mar 8 30 $1,062.00 3 2
Mar 9 37 $1,412.00 6 2
Mar 11 37 $1,349.00 6 2
Mar 12 39 $1,519.00 6 2
Mar 14 41 $1,659.00 6 3
Mar 15 41 $1,649.00 6 3
Mar 16 43 $1,824.00 6 3
Mar 17 48 $1,902.00 6 4
Mar 19 51 $1,968.00 6 4
Mar 20 52 $1,969.00 8 4
Mar 22 52 $1,969.00 8 4
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