Brick Battle- Miniature Armies of Epic Scale (Canceled)

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Phase 1 design for a brick based character rts tabletop experience, where players utilize simple strategic rules to best opponents.
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    Allowed to vote as to what sort of miniature will be firstly designed and produced. All contributors are helping fund the materials and programming for advanced design. I'll contact supporters with a vote as to different layouts of weapons, style, and poses. The winning set of layouts of this vote will see fruition as a fully designed model as I go forward with this project. Different voting options will be provided to you as my "creative team". These will be the hand weapons, helmet styles, poses, and armor designs I will be working on till the kickstarter is completed. Then your collective votes become the first realized, tangible part or this arduous process. At the conclusion the the kickstarter, I'll provide the link to a private poll which will allow backers to participate in a poll. The poll will determine the model, images, and direction I take moving into phase 2.

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