Religion or Cult? The Board Game - Beta Version (Canceled)

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A semi cooperative strategy board game for 3 to 5 Players, full of crises, deception and subterfuge, in a real world setting.
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    Learn to play "Religion or Cult? The Board Game" - Beta Version with the Rules of Play hand book. A Digital Copy will be emailed to you at the end of this Kickstarter campaign. This will teach you the rules of the game and help build anticipation for the forthcoming Full Version. The more backers I get for this Beta Version, the cheaper I will be able to offer the Full Version for in a Kickstarter campaign next year.
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    Play "Religion or Cult? The Board Game" in its raw Beta Version with no graphic art. You will be sent a Digital Copy of the Rules of Play, and the complete board game, which you can print and cut out the components for. Although the print design is basic, without graphic artwork, you will be able to play the board game in its entirety, in anticipation for the full print run and manufacture of "Religion or Cult? The Board Game." More backers for this raw Beta Version will help to make the manufacture of the Full Version with graphic art completed more cost effective.
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    Choose from 1 of 25 base game Characters, each with their own unique profession and ability (first in first serve). That Character will be renamed after you and your likeness will be used for the graphic art when the "Religion or Cult? The Board Game" - Full Version is produced. You will also receive a digital copy of the Rules of Play and a printable copy of "Religion or Cult: The Board Game" - Beta Version which you can cut out and start playing with right away.

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