Ashes of Arcanum (Canceled)

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A Tabletop Role Playing Game. That which mimics Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder. &, Runequest in some elements.
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    Thank you for supporting even a tiny bit. Your name in the credits of the players compendium.
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    You get to create a custom spell (After the others have all been accounted for)[ It may be edited slightly for balance] for which you will be credited for in both the grimoire and players compendium! Supporter chat and voice in discord!
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    Upon completion from testing and all. You will receive the main PDF's of the series! As well as previous pledge awards.
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    You receive previous pledge awards. As well as the additional content that couldn't fit in the main books. However. Upon receiving the DLC. Your name will be put on a special list. That whenever it gets updated. You get the updates for free. Ashes of Arcanum - The Wild Lands is an ever expanding DLC.

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