Test of Champions (Canceled)

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Test of Champions is a fast paced turn based card game of personal combat between two players.
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  • Goal $75,000.00
  • Total Pledged $1.00
  • Backers 1
  • Pledge Rewards $0.00
  • Addons & Shipping $1.00
  • Avg. per Backer $1.00
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  • Reward Levels 4
  • Lowest Level $75.00
  • Highest Level $120.00
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  • Pledge $1.00 or more
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    No Reward
    Pledge $75.00 or more
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    This is the entry level pledge, and gives you complete Test of Champions game. You will receive the full boxed game, complete 400+ card deck, and with unlocked stretch goals. Shipping to Canada and the United States is included in your pledge. For international shipping, please contact us and we'll get you a quote.
    Pledge $90.00 or more
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    At this pledge level, we will add two more of each attack card. These 50 additional cards will allow for greater customization in your games, bringing your battles to a whole new level.
    Pledge $105.00 or more
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    Includes all additional cards packaged with the Aggressor. With all those extra attack cards, you'll probably want to beef up your defenses. At this tier, we'll include another full set of two more of each block and parry cards. That's another 84 cards added to your deck, for the ultimate battle royal.
    Pledge $120.00 or more
    0 backers
    Show your true colours as a champion with a limited edition Kickstarter card back. Includes all add ons from Aggressor and Home Defender (almost 550 cards in total), but all cards will be printed with a limited edition Kickstarter launch backing.

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Aug 4 0 $0.00 0 1
Aug 5 1 $1.00 0 1
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