Custom 3D Printed Resin Model Kits & Figures

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Custom model kits based from video games and custom figures for board games like Kingdom Death Monster and Warhammer 40K.
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    This tier is pretty much just you saying "Good luck with your dreams kid!" and is very much appreciated!
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    Much like the first tier of reward, this one is mostly just there to say "We believe in you! Do the things!" and I will!
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    For this tier you will receive a small 3D printed figure for a board-game of your choice, want a custom Warhammer or KDM figure? Maybe you wanna have the coolest Monopoly figure ever, it's all up to you!
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    So this figure size you would mostly compare to the boss monster figure for board-games like Kingdom Death Monster, bigger than the smaller player figures but not like so huge they eat the board. Same rules apply here, custom figure of whatever ya want!
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    This reward is the same as the previous but it gets you two small figures for any board-game of your choice!
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    More figures equals more fun! With this tier you net yourself two smashing boss monster sized prints to do the smashing against your puny player figures..or maybe you just want a bigger version of your figure, whatever works for you dude! Same rules as before, you get two custom figures, they don't have to be the same thing either! Mix it up!
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    Anyone else always wanted the Nuka-Blaster from Fallout 4 or is it just me? (C'mon guys, it's shiny!) Well I decided that the first non-custom Model Kit for this would be one of the coolest (If not the most useful) firearm straight from the amusement park! Model Kit will include all seen in the picture plus a stencil for painting the nuka cola logo on the side as well as a custom stand to rest in on for your nerd shelf! Once assembled you will be able to wield your shiny new toy as you were meant to, time to take the wastes by storms of soda!!
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    This tier, unlike the previous, is for a good ol' fashioned model kit, it will be something based from a video game, movie, book etc. and they will vary in size and it will be a randomly selected kit.
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    This tier nets you a much larger figure print and while it may not be something you'd use in a board game, it will most definitely look cool on a nerd shelf! As with the other figure based reward tiers, this is for a custom figure, just tell me what ya want and BAM, you'll get it!
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    So this is pretty much the same as the regular large figure tier, except you get TWO amazing figures of your own choice! Also they are big and stuff! You could make a scene or something with these!
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    So you might be thinking to yourself "Whoa! This is quite a leap in prices Zach, what the heck!?" Well there is a reason for that, this tier nets you a custom made model kit to your specifications. Whatever you want as a model kit, could be a character, or a building, maybe the giant beeping screw from Iron giant? (I'd want this one!) The reason behind the jump in cost is because it would take longer than the rest of the rewards to do, mostly due to correspondence with you and hammering out details, but the sky is the limit here, pick a thing and I'll make the thing just for you!
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    So maybe you don't want a figure or model kit, that's fine, maybe you want a chess set, maybe something decorative for your house, maybe you have a model you've always wanted printed. This tier is for those of you who just want something different.

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