Nug Nugs - A Chicken Nugget Party Game (Canceled)

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A tasty party game for nugget lovers that requires a brood of cunning, skill and luck in a battle of memory, wits and szechuan sauce.
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    Be the first to get 1 full copy of Nug Nugs! The party game for 2+ players and ages 5+

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    Receive an exclusive hard enamel Nug Nug character pin badge to wear proudly on your chest as you march into the nearest fast food restaurant to get your daily fix! Four initial Kickstarter pin badges to collect! Your character will be selected at random but if more than one is ordered, you will not receive two of the same.
    Pledge £10.00 or more
    6 backers
    Be the first to get 1 full copy of Nug Nugs! The party game for 2+ players and ages 5+
    Pledge £15.00 or more
    2 backers
    Receive your very own copy of Nug Nugs plus your very own chicken nugget character pin you lucky SOB
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    You just love pins don't you? Well get your fill here and collect all 4 initial character pin badges, no patience required!
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    You've just hit the nugget jackpot. Two copies of Nug Nugs and no extra shipping costs! Are you in heaven?
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    You get to play Nug Nugs with your left hand and right hand with a chicken nugget character pinned to each of your cuffs. Does life get better than this?.... No
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    Look at you making savings on postage, merchandise and products all in one you big Nerdy Nug. Get all 4 Nug Nug character pins and 4 copies of Nug Nugs, the game for 2+ players aged 5 - 55
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    Extended pack of nuggets including an extra 8 base nuggets (increase the difficulty for you Thug Nuggets out there), bonus Butt Nugget tokens and you come up with your own nugget character to be included in your own personal copy of Nug Nugs! Design your own chicken nugget creation and you can put your mark on your special nugget box! Plus all Nug Nug character pin badges included (not excluding any unlocked in stretch goals)

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