Cards of Revelation, a sexy way to fulfil your desires (Canceled)

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Cards of Revelation is a set of cards to get inspired, open up, and find out what your partner likes in the bedroom.
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    Eternal fame with your own personal Facebook post with a big, big thank you for your support!
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    Receive a set of 10 virtual try out card by email. (18+)
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    Get one set of the very, very first print production of the first edition of Cards of Revelation for the special Kickstarter price. (18+) To order multiple decks, just add €15 for each extra set you'd like. Extra shipping charges may apply. Free shipping for the first 50 backers!!!
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    Give me your and your partner's name and I will customise the cards and have a set with your names specially made for you as a couple. (18+) Free shipping!!
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    Meet me in person whereby you can ask me everything what's on the cards of Cards of Revelation and I promise to answer them true-fully! (18+)

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